USA Made N95 Mask – Why Do I Prefer Them?

usa made n95 mask

The best thing about the USA made N95 masks is that they are lightweight and affordable. Being a consumer myself, I have been looking for something that would be ideal for respiratory protection. If there is one thing that I could not stand when it comes to respiratory protection, it was anything that was made in China. My favorite masks were those made in the United States and the prices were not exorbitant. The reason why I went for these over China made masks was because of the overall quality of these items.


I am not sure how many masks I have purchased from USA based companies but I will say that the ones that I have bought were made with high quality materials by American companies. The materials used are very durable, which means that my favorite USA made N95 mask will definitely last for a long time. The US made mask manufacturers also make use of the best and latest technology when it comes to manufacturing their products. One of the technology they use is the Teflon coating which makes their masks extremely light. Lightweight products are always more popular and this is exactly what you get with a USA made mask. You can definitely tell that the USA made mask you are buying is light since it will not give you that heavy feeling that some other brands give you.


Another reason why I think the USA made N95 masks are better than those made in China is that they are made using eco friendly materials. The Teflon coating on the mask is used because of this. Eco friendly materials do not pollute the air in any way and are safe for the environment. When you are thinking of buying a mask, I urge you to try out a USA made mask. You might just find yourself liking them more!…

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