Is Milton Graham Scam?

is Milton Graham scam

If you are a victim of a debt collection scam, you might wonder if Milton Graham is one of those companies. This company does exist, but it is also a legitimate Australian debt collection firm. While the staff of Milton Graham is often rude and unhelpful, they are generally just based on situations of mistaken identity. Regardless, there are some important factors that you should consider. Listed below are some important details about the Milton Graham company. Is Milton Graham scam?

There Are Some Important Factors That You Should Consider

First, be very suspicious of any correspondence from Milton Graham. Many of his emails will be meaningless and contain references that mean nothing. He will ask for your ABN, and you can’t afford to be deceived. This is a classic scam. While the Milton Graham company is regulated by ASIC, you should always be wary of any email containing his or her ABN. If you receive such an email, take action.