Temporary Road Solutions For Car Parks

temporary road solutionsTemporary road repairs in Essex are usually carried out on a short-term basis to make necessary improvements and reparation for damage done to the roads. As these temporary road repairs may last from a few hours to a few days, it is advisable to book them in advance to avoid disappointment. Temporary road construction is different from the permanent construction as it involves the use of heavy materials such as steel and concrete and the use of temporary pavement that has to be laid on the damaged road. Temporary road solutions also take into account the special needs of each individual case and so are prepared to customize the solution to the needs of the clients. For more info go to the website.

Establishing Hot Rolled Steel Car Parks

Hot rolled steel plates, maximum measurement 14 inches, width and height of temporary road solutions for hot/cold weather conditions are used in the construction of temporary car parks. The length of each plate is selected according to the length of the car park. In the hot weather, steel plates are laid directly on the asphalt and concrete to ensure that they remain in place. For cold weather, hot rolled steel is laid on the concrete to ensure that it remains in place. This ensures that the car park has a level surface and the installation process can commence after weatherproofing of the car park.

For long term hire, the steel plates are laid on a rotary press where the width and height are adjusted as per the requirement. This ensures that the concrete and asphalt are laid on a firm base and also provide for greater flexibility. The rotary cutting method enables the contractor to adjust the size and length of the plates to make the repair process as easy and economical. Hot rolled steel plates are the best way to establish the temporary road solutions for Essex that will last the test of time.